A new app that enables you to design your own 3D protective case for the iPhone has just hit the Apple App Store.

The 3DPCase app enables users to choose from a range of designs created by a host of renowned designers before customising the case with your own photos, messages or artwork.

The design process on any orders placed is made through the app and 3DP is promising a delivery time of no later than four days - no matter where you are in the world. 

The cases are made using Sculpteo’s 3D printing service, who creates a 3D effect by placing layer upon layer. 

Though the app itself is free to download, a 3DPCase for an iPhone starts at 19.99 Euros (including VAT). However, if you’re willing to shell that out (pardon the pun), you’ll at least save yourself a trip to your local market or mobile phone store.

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