If yesterday's post left anybody thinking that the humble Photoshop operator gets a bum rap, then I think today’s might go some way to showing that at least they have a sense of humour. And revenge can be very, very sweet too.

At photoshoptroll.com our artistic hero plays with people’s pixels in the most mischievous ways.

He’s even set up a spoof site to draw people in, and once they’ve submitted a photo for some “free Photoshop work”, all hell tends to break loose.

This really is a joy to read through, particularly if you’ve ever had to do any work for an overly demanding client or somebody who just doesn't get how hard it can be to do clever things with digital pictures.

The skills on display are impressive too, as is the attention to every possible potential comic detail, especially when you considering he’s doing all the work strictly for the LULz.

Photoshop Troll, we salute you.

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