We know we’ve said it before here, but this world we live in is more creative than ever. It’s not necessarily that there are more creative ideas out there, but the sheer volume of people actually creating work is unprecedented.

So finding a way to showcase your output that will grab some attention has become almost as important as having an idea in the first place.

One we’ve just discovered is dropr.com.

This is a great place to host your creative portfolio, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional trying to build a reputation.

Getting set up is a breeze and then you can share and mange your content with a brilliant set of tools provided straight out of their virtual box.

Best of all, this is clean, simple and uncluttered by any advertising, so people looking at your work will see just that – your work.

All the usual social connectivity is here, as you might expect, and all in all, this is a very slick set-up.

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