It may not have been officially announced, but that hasn’t stopped a flow of new mock-up images of the iPad mini from appearing. 

As with previous mock-ups, it needs emphasising that these images resemble what people think the next-gen iPad will look like, but based on the various leaks and spills that have occurred these past few months, they might not be too far from the truth.

As seen in a previous mock-up, these latest images show the iPad mini with a thinner bezel than the current iPad, giving it something of an iPod look. These thinner borders would enable Apple to keep the dimensions small, while offering more estate for the anticipated 7-inch display.

The mock-ups also show the rumoured smaller dock connector in comparison to the current 30-pin connector found in the iPhone.

The iPad mini is expected to be unveiled in October, a month after the anticipated 12 September iPhone 5 reveal.

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