Oh to be 16 again. With the benefit of hindsight, we could all make some radical changes to the way our lives have turned out.

We’d all make more of those opportunities when they came up, wouldn’t we? We’d take every chance to do something different and embrace it, rather than just shrugging, grunting and going back to listening to The Smiths on our Sony Walkmans.

This is just such an opportunity for anybody under 17 who knows how to handle a camera.

At childrenseyesonearth.org the next generation of super snappers can enter a simply amazing competition set up by Reza, a National Geographic photographer. Working with IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action), with the support of National Geographic and the World Photography Organisation, this project has set out to inspire young people to take a different view of the world around them and hopefully inspire a generation to make changes that will benefit us all.

The themes for the photographic competition are I Love Nature and I Fear Pollution, and the winners will bag a load of top-end camera gear, as well as get to work with Reza on location.

A once-in-a-lifetime chance for a wannabe photographer and a truly worthwhile project to get behind.

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