As far as Grand Theft Auto IV mods go, this Back to the Future-inspired PC version is just about as good as it gets.

The mod, which was demoed on YouTube by creator “seedyrom34”, sees your character transformed with a Marty McFly skin, while the time-travelling DeLorean is also there to be raced around the city causing havoc.

The car itself is fully equipped, with the flux capacitor enabling you to travel back through time, though in the case of this GTA IV mod you are restricted to same-day time travel.

As with the film, to do so you’ll need to reach 88mph, before disappearing into a puff of smoke leaving behind those iconic flaming tyre tracks. Judging by the YouTube clip, it can prove a useful means of escaping police.

Sadly this modified PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV is just for show, but that hasn't stopped us hunting out our BTTF box set.

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