It’s not just a summer of sport we’re enjoying this year, it’s a summer of inspiration. (I say “summer” as the rains streaks past my window, yet again…).

The Olympic and Paralympic Games have given people a much-needed dose of the feel-good factor and, regardless of how athletic you are, there are loads of ways to take that good feeling and do something good with it.

One worthwhile outlet is, a UK charity that supports projects specialising in tackling some of the social issues affecting modern Britain and beyond.

It concentrates on mentoring and youth-led volunteering, so these projects are relevant, rewarding and run by the kind of people you might actually want to hang out with.

Volunteering is a bit of a buzzword in many companies now too, so this could be one way to get some time out of the office, and not just spend it sitting on the sofa shouting at the Jeremy Kyle show.

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