Lenovo has unleashed three new additions to its S Series range in preparation for the arrival of Windows 8. 

Though the Lenovo S300, S400 and S405 laptops will initially come loaded with Windows 7 Home Professional, all three will be upgradeable to Windows 8 when it arrives on 26 October. Lenovo has upgraded the S Series Touchpad in the lead up to this, so that it can handle the new operating system better.

All three laptops sport the same dimensions, each just 21.9mm thick when closed and weighing in at 1.8kg. 

The differences lie underneath the bonnet with the Lenovo S300 and S400 housing either a third-generation i3 or i5 Intel core, whereas the Lenovo S405 packs an AMD A8 quad-core APU. The Lenovo S405 can also store up to 1TB HDD storage while the S300 and S400 will have to make do with 500GB hard disk storage capacity.

All thee of the Lenovo S300, S400 and S405 will be available in red, silver and pink with pricing starting from £349.

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