The Apple iPhone 5 isn't even confirmed yet, but there are so many rumours suggesting what it will and won't have, when it will or won't come out, and whether you'll want one or not, we can't help yearn for the next one. Ha.

Probably slightly unimpressed with the supposed design of the new iPhone 5, Antoine Brieux from French design studio NAK Studio has created what he believes the iPhone 6 should look like.

Changes? Well the home button has moved from beneath the screen to a thumb button on the side, leaving plenty of space for an even bigger screen - in this case 4.9-inches, which is bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S3.

"In this mockup, Antoine uses ergonomic grip quite cleverly and formulates it with dimensions 125 mm x 63 mm," reports design blog Yanko Design.

From some angles we can't help seeing the 3GS, while others the iPhone 4S.

What do you think?