Alongside a touch screen version of the XPS One 27 and the new Windows RT based XPS 10, Dell has also announced the flip screen XPS Duo 12. 

Looking like a much plusher sequel to the Inspiron Duo, the flip screen computer-come-tablet runs a full version of Windows 8. Made out of machined aluminium and carbon fibre, like most of the rest of Dell's XPS range, it is looking like a top-of-the-line piece of kit.

The laptop also has a Full HD touch screen display with edge-to-edge glass. This makes for one of the best-looking screens we have seen on a Windows 8 device so far - although Dell kept the kit firmly in its hands, so we can't be absolutely sure.

The XPS Duo 12 is going to be upgradable all the way up to Ivy Bridge Core i7 processors, so should give you a very speedy experience when it comes to Windows 8 and make for one of the quickest tablets when flipped around.

A backlit keyboard completes the package. We don't have much on pricing yet, nor do we have a full specs list for the XPS Duo 12, however this should come with an imminent hands-on of the device. As for launch date, Dell tells us soon after Windows 8's release in October.

Like the look of the flipper? We want to know why? Tell us in the comments below ... 

Hunter Skipworth

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