Samsung has added its own launcher, called (cunningly) the S Launcher, to Windows 8. It's a widget thatessentially acts like the start button on previous versions of Windows and helps those confused by the new form factor of the Microsoft operating system. So far, so good.

However, while website Mashable - which has seen the new S Launcher on the all-in-one PCs Sammy has just announced - has posted a glowing report on its inclusion, Pocket-lint can't help feeling that we might have seen something that looks like that before... Hmmm.

Yep, if you own a Mac have a quick look down to the dock at the bottom of the desktop, then back at Mashable's grab of the S Launcher, then back down, then back... You get the picture.

In our opinion, the design of the S Launcher bears a striking similarity to the dock on Mac OS. And here we are, just days after Samsung was ordered to cough up more than $1 billion in damages to Apple after it was deemed to have infringed several of the Cupertino company's patents.

Here we go again...

What do you think? Do they look similar? Let us know in the comments below...

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