We’ve talked about social aggregators before, and for good reason: they’re very useful.

The great thing about social media is that it’s in the moment. It’s dynamic, fluid, constantly moving and updating. Keeping track can make you go dizzy. If you want to go back and see something in more detail, you’ll have to bookmark it, clip it, or simply try to remember who told you about it so that you can look it up later. Maddening if you can’t recall, isn’t it?

Or, you can use something like  rebelmouse.com, which puts your timelines into a nice, magazine style format for easy organisation and browsing.

It drops all the multimedia content into each post too, making your feed instantly come to life with all those nice bits and pieces that people are sharing with you.

This is one of many such services, but we like this one for its simplicity.

This is one particularly useful rodent.

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