So, as I sat down to start writing, something happened that filled me with a slight sense of dread.

It was the same feeling you might get when eating a prawn sandwich, three days after its sell by date: “it should be OK, but…”

My trusty old MacBook made a noise. Not the usual whir or hum of the fan or the hard drive spinning up.

No. This was more like a couple of elves playing ping-pong under my keyboard and a quick session with everybody’s favourite search engine told me that a sound like that could be serious.

Immediately the panic set in – had I backed up recently? Was I able to fix the problem myself? Was it time to buy a new Mac?

The latter is not really an option in these fiscally challenging times, so I set about trying to fix it myself and stumbled across, a pleasingly retro-styled guide to getting your Mac up to date without frying its innards.

You can browse the available upgrades for your specific machine and the buying guides are so good even an idiot like me can follow them.

And best of all, the parts they recommend can be ordered direct, so you can get the best out of your Apple in no time.

Mine now has a swanky new hard drive and some beefed up RAM. It’s flying.

And no elvin ping-pong any more.

This is not a site that will blow you away if you’re a casual browser (or a connoisseur of the visual arts), but if you need to give your Mac a boost, it’s a good place to try.

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