If you’re a cat person, you probably won’t get this – your pet of choice has no shame.

It does whatever it wants, whenever it wants and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

And positively the last thing on earth it cares about is your feelings.

It will crap in your flower bed and then just stare at you until you clear it up.

That’s just the way cats are.

Dogs, on the other hand, know exactly what shame is.

They do things because they just can’t help themselves, all the while knowing that there will be consequences for their digressions. Missed meals, no walkies, banishment to the garden – all tried and tested punishments for when Fido strays from the straight and narrow.

But we’re pretty sure they weren’t counting on  dog-shaming.com though.


Judging by these pictures, public humiliation wasn’t on the cards for this band of canine scoundrels.

Bad dogs.

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