It's Okay people - it's Friday. We made it.

And it's a long weekend for some of us, with the August Bank Holiday.

But if the thought of going back to work is something that's made even worse by the idea of commuting, we sympathise.

Cramming yourself into a jam-packed train carriage is never a good start to anybody's day, but it's the norm for so many people.

And the cost! Getting to your place of work is now so expensive you might wonder why you even bother.

But there are ways to shave a few quid of your travel costs with the likes of

Here you can see whether there's a canny way to make your journey a bit cheaper, by exploring the various ticket options offered by the main rail operators.

Splitting your ticket is a favourite ploy. Often you don't even have to change trains, you simply buy two tickets between the stations that cover your whole journey.

Bonkers, or what?

But it's tips like this that can save a few pennies, and that could make your commute a bit more bearable next week.

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