If you've been taken in by the swanky ads featuring the new MacBooks, it’s likely that the Retina display is looming large in your mind as one of the reasons to possibly part with your cash at the nearest Apple store.

If you’ve already taken the plunge, and are reading this on a shiny new portable Mac, then you might be interested in retinamacapps.com, a site that shows you all the bits of software that are optimised to show off the amazing new screens.

It’s a great way to save yourself the trouble of sifting through the App Store looking for the visual treats, and if you’re a software developer who’s upgraded your product for the new kit, you can submit it here to be included in the catalogue.

Some of these are test versions too, so you can get a sneaky peek at what’s coming up, and the weekly digest will keep you up to speed with the apps that people are getting most excited about.

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