Attach EcoGear’s EcoXpower contraption to your bike and not only will your pedal power keep the LED front light and rear light lit, you’ll also be able to charge your phone at the same time.

The pedal-powered headlight and smart phone charger is compatible with most Android and GPS devices along with the iPhone, keeping them secure in a water resistant pouch while still keeping the touchscreen in use.

Your device sits between the handlebars so you have full access and view of the display. The EcoXpower itself fits between the spokes of the front wheel with a USB adapter cable threading up to the phone or sat nav device.

With each turn of the wheel, power is generated within the EcoXpower which in turn charges its own rechargeable battery, powers the bikes lights, and tops up the juice levels of your phone or GPS device. An on and off switch sits on the handlebars, should you wish to turn the bike’s lights off manually.

The EcoXpower pedal powered headlight and smart phone charger is available from now for $99.99.

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