It's probably safe to say that we live firmly in a visual world.

We are bombarded with imagery from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we finally let sleep catch up with us at the end of the day.

Be it the latest must-see TV, a new piece of street art or the daily dose of online entertainment in front of a keyboard and screen, we are profoundly affected by what we see around us.

So it's no real surprise that there is one vocation that has seen something of a boom in recent years - the photojournalist.

Once the preserve of only the most inquisitive and adventurous types, nowadays most of us carry a camera of one sort or another with us wherever we go.

And we're not shy when it comes to sharing what we photograph either.

But if you’ve moved beyond sharing your snaps through Facebook and Instagram, where can you show off your pictures in a more meaningful, and possibly even profitable way? is an outlet for dedicated snappers who are keen to tell and sell their pictorial stories, but don't have the backing of a magazine or publishing operation.

If you’re more of a consumer, then here you can see the world in all its high-definition technicolour glory and also give your support to the people behind the cameras as they display their wares.

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