Do you think that when they first plugged the internet in, they had any idea that, eventually, one animal would actually take it over?

At first there was just the occasional picture. Then, as is the natural order of online things, came the animated GIF.

Then came the videos. Oh, so many videos. And doing so many things: playing the piano for example, or being a ninja.

The animal in question is, of course, the cat. They seem to be everywhere, with their own language to boot. Is there no stopping them?

Well, not if is anything to go by.

Here you can replace every picture, in any website with cats. And not just any old cats. No, we’re talking about the cats – all the old online favourites.

It’s a side project by the mobile-friendly web company Mobify, designed to highlight its technology (somehow).

All we know is we love it. It’s left us feline just fine.


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