For many people these days there are really only two ways to find out something.

You ask a mate, who hopefully will point you in the right direction, or you ask the internet.

Now. This second one can be a tricky affair and, let’s face it; the internet can be a fickle mistress, often leading you into places where you really shouldn’t go.

There are billions of pages out there and the internet is being asked something thousands of times over, every second of the day.

But, what nobody ever asks the internet is what it thinks about something. Imagine being the greatest source of information on the planet and never being asked for an opinion?

But now, we can put that right at

Here you can see what the internet really thinks about people, events and everything else it’s constantly being quizzed about.

It’s quite enlightening, but we’re a bit concerned about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They seem to come out of this quite badly. Not sure what they’ve done to upset the internet, but clearly it’s holding a grudge…

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