A preview of Skype’s app for Microsoft’s renamed Modern UI (formerly Metro) has been tested with screenshots posted on the web.

The team at Neowin has had a play with the app that will be available on Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices and despite its not being complete, the general consensus is positive.

There were no reported crashes and Skype is said to have concentrated on making it “finger friendly” for Microsoft’s touchscreen devices

The user interface has been given a spring clean with a tidier layout and each person who is involved with a text chat will be assigned their own colour, making it easier to distinguish who’s saying what.

The app will run in the background and although the version Neowin had a play with didn’t have the option of snap support – pushing the display to one side of the screen – we’d expect this to be addressed before the final version is made available. 

Snap support aside, the app already appears fairly polished so expect it to be made available sooner rather than later.

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