It’s official: us Brits have gone sports crazy this summer. We all know why – the “inspire a generation” bit seems to have really taken hold.

Sales of bikes, running shoes and Lycra have shot up, and everywhere you look you see people giving it a go.

If you haven’t quite managed it just yet, but you want to, is where you could start getting ready.

This weekend, all over the UK, there are local sports events taking place with which anybody can join in.

It might be British Military Fitness sessions, five-a-side footie, Taekwondo tasters, or maybe even just a jog round the local park.

But it’s designed to get people started on the road to a more active lifestyle.

A simple postcode search shows you what’s happening near you and then you just show up and have a go.

It’s set to be a glorious weekend weather-wise too, so there’s no better excuse to get out and grab some fresh air.

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