There is something of an afterglow hanging around in post-Olympic London. And it’s definitely golden in hue.

The memories of a glorious games have not yet faded and there are still a few Games Makers dotted around helping out bewildered tourists and generally paving the way for the Paralympics in a couple of weeks.

But the signs are starting to be taken down and some of the more memorable temporary installations are suddenly absent.

If you’re wondering where they might’ve got to, is one place to take a look.

Here you can buy memorabilia from the Games as items are auctioned off.

There are the decorated mascots, torches, sculptures, banners and all kinds of other bits and pieces.

You can even pick up sporting equipment that was used in the Games themselves.  

Demand is high, so don’t necessarily expect any bargains (£200 for a used ping pong ball?!), but this is a golden opportunity to grab some very tangible sporting history.

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