Have you ever felt your life was a bit like a film, with you as the central character? Maybe yours has always been a bit of a melodrama. Or perhaps one of those triumphant, uplifting sporting epics? Perhaps even a musical – most of us have imagined a soundtrack to our lives at some point, haven’t we?

Well, now we have the magazine of your life with glos.si.

We love this idea. It takes all your online social activity and lays it out as a kind of feature spread in a magazine

Hook it up with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, whatever and soon all your feeds and timelines are presented in glorious, typeset technicolour for you to share with the world. It’s fully customisable, so can make each edition your own.

So whether your life magazine is Vogue, Vanity Fair or Viz, you can see your online life unfold before your eyes.

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