Ooh, we do like this.

You’ll know we like things like Lego and Meccano, obviously, but take the simple idea of little blocks snapping together to make bigger, more complex things into the 21st Century and you have littlebits.cc.

These are small electronic modules that snap together with magnets and once you start putting them together, you can make some pretty amazing things.

These go way beyond just being cool toys, though.

This is a brilliant hands-on way to get inquisitive minds of all ages interested in science and electronics.

Bought in kits, this open source wonderland provides almost infinite possibilities with the components divided into four simple categories: power, input, output and wire.

Luckily you can download wiring diagrams that other people have devised, so you can start building straight away. This site is also where you'll find the thriving community space, where fans swap tips, tutorials and ideas.

We love these little things and we also reckon this could be a shoo-in for most popular request to the jolly fat man in the red suit in a few months' time.

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