With the smell of spent fireworks still hanging in the air, and the sound of the mother of all British pop concerts (which unfortunately did include the Spice Girls – sorry about that) still ringing in our ears, we bid farewell to London 2012.

It’s been epic, regardless of your nationality or sporting allegiance. A true celebration of sporting achievement and international unity.

It’s also been a rare chance for us Brits to show the world that we can do things right. And arguably no single athlete represents that better than Mo Farah.

His double gold triumph is something that many of us will remember for a long time and most of us will be proud of for years to come.

Mo came to Britain as a child escaping poverty and a savage civil war.

In the UK he found a new home that celebrates diversity and nurtures and rewards talent and determination. Qualities that Mo has in abundance.

So it’s not that surprising that he wants to give something back and a while ago he set up mofarahfoundation.org a charity to help children in Africa who will probably never get the opportunities he did.

Following his Olympic success, it’s fair to say that this site will, quite rightly, be getting quite a bit of attention, particularly with its first star-studded charity auction taking place in a couple of weeks.

This is one bandwagon we are more than happy to jump on.

If you’re looking for an Olympic legacy, this is a good place to start.

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