We’ve all heard about the infinite monkey theorem. You know the one: given enough time a monkey hitting random keys on a typewriter will eventually come up with the works of Shakespeare. Or is it an infinite number of monkeys hitting the same keyboard? Anyway, the old joke says that’s exactly how Twitter got started. All we know is that in theory, using mathematics, almost anything is possible.

It’s this idea that drives iobound.com/pareidoloop, where a clever bit of software generates random polygons, then layers them and feeds them in to a face detector. 

Basically, if you let this chug away for a bit, you’ll end up with some spooky and all-too-realistic portraits of people who don’t exist. Although in theory they do, right?

Oh, we don’t know; it’s this stuff that keeps us awake at night.

Anyway, best used in Chrome, this is a great way to bring maths to life and demonstrate the basic notion that truly amazing things are theoretically possible, given the right set of conditions.

No monkeys here though. Just clever people doing nice things with shapes.


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