It’s actually quite hard to describe just how much joy has brought to our world this week.

While some people get to watch every living, breathing moment of the Olympics (had to squeeze a mention in somewhere, didn’t we?) some of us have had to slave away at hot keyboards to bring you the latest and best tech news.

So to pretend we’re all working very, very hard, yet still have a bit of a laugh and also fill the office with joyous noise, has been quite a bonus.

Here you can mix enough of your own beatboxing and acappella loops to make any day at the coalface fly by.

It really is quite addictive too. Just when you think you’ve got it just right, you can suddenly add that little flourish that will create a melodic masterpiece that will have heads bobbing all over the place.

Toggle each “performer” on or off and the possibilities are endless. Check the top 50 compositions for a few ideas too.

“Sick” is what we think the kids would call this.

Yes. Very, very sick.

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