The London Olympics (sorry - we will stop banging on about it soon, promise) have proved to be the "social" Games. We knew it might be as soon as we heard about the organisers' restrictions placed on athletes within the Village. One thing the internet doesn’t like is being told what it can and can’t do…

But even if you've not been able to actually watch much of the Games, if you've been on the usual social networks you probably don't feel like you've missed much. Results were hitting timelines quicker than Usain Bolt running for a bus and those who did brave Locog’s wrath and post from inside, shared a fascinating insight into what it’s like to take part in the biggest sporting show on Earth.

But if you’re wondering who the most influential Olympians are, you could check in at and you’ll soon see who the big hitters are when it comes to social media.

It’s not necessarily the names you’d expect either, but that’s what makes it all the more fascinating.

Worth keeping an eye on this one as the Games draw towards its conclusion at the weekend.

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