An iOS app is being trialled by eBay that will see customers receive a delivery just an hour after ordering it. Currently in beta, eBay Now is already being used by customers in San Francisco.

There is a $5 delivery fee for each order on purchases over $25 and made from local stores, but eBay is offering incentives to get people up and running. Its eBay Now users will receive $15 off their first order and there will be no shipping charge for the first three orders made.

Retailers with whom eBay Now be used include partnered stores Toys’R’Us, Macy’s, Target and Best Buy. So long as the order is made half an hour before a store closes and between the hours of 9am and 9pm (Sunday 9am to 6pm) then purchases will be delivered on the same day - sometimes in an hour.

Should the beta trial in San Francisco prove a success, eBay Now is expected to be rolled out further afield.

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