Crikey. What a weekend! Most of us Brits are emotionally spent after an unbelievable 48 hours of Olympic glory – not just for our home-grown athletes, but for the occasion itself.

It’s safe to say that the Games have silenced the cynics and the critics (and I count myself as well and truly silenced too) and this past weekend is one that many of us will be talking about for ages.

It was full of those moments that you will remember forever: Ennis, Rutherford, Farah, Copeland, Hosking, Murray, Pendleton, the list goes on and on and on.

And of course there was Bolt.

Fleeting moments that will linger and if you could have taken a snapshot of London at any given moment, over the weekend, it’s fair to say some of those moments would have featured strongly.

But there would have been so much more, too.

At you can take those snapshots. Choose from one of five major global cities and see what’s happening according to the endlessly creative users of Instagram at any given moment in time.

It’s a brilliant way to see life unfold in glorious, instantaneous colour and this has become a firm favourite with all of us here.

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