Mophie is continuing its quest for making sure our mobile devices’ juice levels remain topped up at all times, after revealing the Duo and Mini powerstations.

Both universal battery back-up devices feature USB ports and in the case of the Duo, two, for the simultaneous charging of two devices. 

The Mophie Duo can also charge a tablet device such as the iPad, on account of it's having a larger, 6000mAh-capacity battery in comparison to the Mophie Mini’s 2500mAh. However, the Mophie Mini’s 10.1 amp high-output battery can boast a faster charging time.

Each powerstation has been decorated with a soft-touch black exterior and stainless-steel trim, while an external LED light will keep you up to speed with the charge status.

Both the Mophie Duo and Mini go on sale from 13 August, with the Duo costing £89.95 and the Mini available for the cheaper £49.95.

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