Onkyo unveils AirPlay Wireless Audio System for Apple devices and iTunes

Onkyo has revealed details of its latest AirPlay Wireless Audio System. Plug an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into the Onkyo ABX-N300 iOnly Stream and you’ll be able to stream any music through the speaker system.

The audio system can also play any music remotely from iTunes stored on a computer, via the computer’s Wi-Fi network.

The Onyko ABX-N300 is compatible with FLAC, WAV and WMA Lossless file formats and can also play internet radio stations and cloud-streaming services such as Spotify.

There’s also a 3.5mm headset jack, so any other compatible devices can also be hooked up to the ABX-N300 with two full range bass-reflex speakers and active bass control ensuring a powerful audio experience. 

When the Onkyo ABX-N300 is not being used, a sliding aluminium cover can be pulled across the docking bay to ensure no dust or dirt gets in to damage it.

The Onkyo ABX-N300 will be available fro September for £300.

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