The London 2012 Olympics are in full swing and Team GB is getting stuck in trying to win as many medals as possible. The opening ceremony really pushed the idea that this year was a digital games - an Olympics fuelled by smartphones and the internet - so, it's of little surprise that many of the athletes are letting us all live it with them through Twitter.

Team GB has a serious Twitter presence and already a few gems have started cropping up on athelete’s feeds. So who should you follow and what has already been said? Just so you know, we will be updating this everyday with the best from Twitter and Team GB. 

Sir Chris Hoy (Track Cycling)

"Who's feeling a little bit sad this morning?! Let's all huddle in and have a big twitter hug- don't worry there's still the Paralympics to come!"

"The best sporting action in the world is available at the push of a button but the boys are watching Jeremy Kyle!!!!"

"What a day! Can't do it justice in 140 characters how it felt to win in front of the home crowd. A day I'll remember for the rest of my life" - 2 August

"Love the fact that every GB gold medallist gets a postbox in their home town painted gold, such a great idea!" - 3 August

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Tom Daley (Diving)

"What an absolutely amazing Olympic games!!! Britain should really be proud! RIO has a very tough act to follow in 2016!"

“On the phone to my mum...mum: "do u want to say good luck to your brother?" My brother: "you're sh*t"...thanks @Benjdaley”

"if i'd known @TomDaley1994 book was full of half naked pictures, i'd have bought it a long time ago #beautiful"

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Jessica Ennis (Heptathlon)

"What a fantastic games!! #TeamGB has been incredible! So proud to have been part of it!"

“Good Sunday running session and weights done. Not gonna lie it hurt but another one ticked off! Hope everyone's having a nice sunday!”

"I can't thank everyone enough for the support they have given me over the past few weeks!I'm blown away! Can't believe I'm Olympic Champion!"

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Gemma Gibbons (Judo)

"This last week has been the most amazing whirlwind of an experience, got to admit though, loved having a nap this evening."

"Can't quite believe I'm an Olympic silver medalist, so happy. Thank you so much to everyone 4 your amazing messages, support has been unreal."

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Rebecca Adlington (Swimming)

"Can't believe its the last day in the village! Had such a good time, I even got to meet Usain Bolt last night! He's such a ledge!"

“I wish I could reply to everyone but would take me days! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your kind words. Means more than you no :-)”

"Sorry to clear things up I'm cycling training for a charity bike ride! Definitely not moving sports, I would be rubbish!"

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Greg Rutherford (Long Jump)

"Close up at the closing. Just before the flame went out "

"I couldn't get the words out guys. I tried to mumble some but the urge to burst out crying was very strong!"

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Victoria Pendleton (Track Cycling)

"What a great way to finish the Games, singing Queen with team GB @adidasUK #stagetaken"

“Not a bad view from our accommodation at the Olympic village, pretty happy with that!

"GB AGAIN!!! Women's Cycling Gold!! She was Straight UP JETTING!!! Get down GB!"

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Ben Ainslie (Sailing)

"Wow. This is it... The end. WE should all be very proud to have held the greatest Olympics in modern times. Huge thanks to everyone involved"

“What an amazing opening ceremony, makes you feel incredibly proud to be British. Thanks for all the great support, time to get to work now.”

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Elizabeth Tweddle (Gymnastics)

"Finally leaving the olympic village and on our team bus home! Long journey ahead!! :-("

“Amazing day! Very proud of my team @HannahkWhelan@ImogenCairns @Rebecca_Tunney and @jempin515! Time for bed now!!”

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Liam Tancock (Swimming)

"Don't worry everyone its only 1453 Days until the Rio Olympics! :-)"

“Good nights sleep. Feeling refreshed + ready to go! Now just off to the pool for a loosen off swim! Getting ready for my final tonight :-)”

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Lizzie Armitstead (Road Cycling)

"Thank you London and team GB its been emotional, time to go home and be with the people who made it happen! #Otley"

“I can't sleep!! I want to give every person who watched in the rain a hug! Thank you! Soaking up the Olympic atmosphere now without nerves!”

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Alistair Brownlee (Triathlon)

"A truly inspiring day. Thanks to everyone who cheered wherever you were."

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Jade Jones (Taekwando)

"Back to Manchester we go ! What a journey ! Unbelievable experience i will never regret ! Thanks everyone that was being me. :-)"

"Oooo my actual god ! On a stage in huge park with over 80 thousand people! Wasn't expecting that wish I would of brushed my Hair now haha"

"Soooo tired only had 1 hour sleep ! But I'm Olympic bloody champion !!!!!! Thanks so much for the support ! Overwhelming"

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Laura Trott (Omnium)

So ive had a million texts and phone calls so il do one massive thanks here! I couldnt of done it without each and everyone of you x

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Lawrence Okoye (Discus)

"I've read all your messages, thanks so much. All I can say is that I'm shock. I'm in a horrible mood now but will brighten up eventually."

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Andrew Osagie (800m)

"Messages tonight have gone through the roof! Can't say any more than thank you to everyone, family, old friends, new followers!"

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Christine Ohuruogu (400m)

"Thanks to Lloyd and my team for working so hard for me. I wanted gold but have to be happy with silver tonight."

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Jessica Ennis (Heptathlon)

“Good Sunday running session and weights done. Not gonna lie it hurt but another one ticked off! Hope everyone's having a nice sunday!”

"I can't thank everyone enough for the support they have given me over the past few weeks!I'm blown away! Can't believe I'm Olympic Champion!"

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Paula Radcliffe (Marathon)

"Just to say the games makers, officials and helpers all over London have been the best and the nicest I have ever seen at 5 Olympics. Xx"

“Hurt by dailymail & whoever thinks know my situation, before even do final test run. Not looking good but my heartbreaking news to break!”

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Mo Farah (5000m)

“So excited to watch the opening ceremony..!! Can't believe the olympics are in my home town.!!! Shabba!!!”

"This is what I worked hard for...!!!! Shabba...!!!! Yeeeezzzzzz!!!! Thanks everyone...!!!"

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Mark Cavendish (Road Cycling)

“Gutted. After 250km, less than a minute to 20guys. My guys were INCREDIBLE & there was nothing more we could do. Victims of our own success.”

"Honoured to have witnessed the GB boys take a World Record yesterday in the Team Sprint & @chrishoy get his 5th gold medal. Amazing stuff." 3 August

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Peter Wilson (Shooting)

"3.2 : From midnight tonight [22.07.2012] until Friday 3rd August I plan to cease all forms of communication with the outside World..."

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Tim Baillie (Canoeing)

"Wow. Totally surreal day, still not even remotely sunk in, thanks for all the msgs, will get back to everyone eventually. Cheers Tim"

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Louis Smith (Gymnastics)

“So women's team finished 5th amazing result and@bethtweddlenews did the sickest bars ever! #hero”

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Zoe Smith (Weightlifting)

"Made so many amazing friends along the way, as cheesy as that sounds. Will never forget my time at the Games :)"

“Go to Westfield to drop some tickets off to my mum, return with a gigantic bag o jewelry and underwear. #canthelpitimagirl"

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Peter Waterfield (Diving)

"Well that was terrible, thanks for the support, soz I didn't deliver! U have all made it an amazing games!"

“1 more sleep and me & @TomDaley1994 are on, wow!!!”

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Christian Malcolm (200m)

“Me and the old men!

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Philips Idowu (Triple Jump)

“@preppet: @PhillipsIdowu Please tell me u r putting together flat pack and not referring to your fitness �" the bunkbeds get me every time.”

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Mark Lewis Francis (100m)

“i can't sleep its too hot”

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Shanaze Reade (BMX)

“Carpe Diem!!”

"I love you @v_pendleton! Gold!!!!!!!!"

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