So, today is the day.

It’s the Mother of all Mondays.

The reckoning.

Judgement day.

Public transport apocalypse looms.

Today we find out what an extra million people does to London’s creaking transport infrastructure. And despite the soothing words of Mayor Boris being blasted out across the network, many people are fearing the worst.

We’ve told you how to navigate your way round already, so today we look at ways to amuse yourself while using it.

At you can pass the time by playing a sort of Tube dot-to-dot.

The first animal was “discovered” on the map in 1988 and since then, people have been joining up stations and Tube lines to make more.

Here you can meet them all and start to get an idea of how to find your own.

It’s likely to come in handy if the disruption proves too much and you have to spend hours staring at the walls of a Tube carriage.

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