You didn’t really think we would do anything other than an Olympic one today did you?

Well, in fact, we’re doing more than one.

We started, obviously with the official site at, but after we had a quick flick through their guidelines we decided it was probably safest just to tell you that it’s there, if you want it. [Chicken! – Ed.]

Much more useful, and less likely to get our lawyer frothing at the mouth (and we don’t like to disturb him on a Friday because it’s happy hour all day at his local Wetherspoons), is the BBC’s effort.

It's “the Olympic broadcaster” and with it hasn’t just pulled out all the stops,  it's even put in some new stops so they could pull those out as well. If you can’t be in London over the next couple of weeks, then just stick with Auntie. She’ll bring you the best of all of it, no matter where you want to watch the action – TV, web or phone.

On Twitter, it’s likely to get a bit lively. There’s the various hashtags obviously, but the official, some might say, sanitised starting point is at

Finally, there's the online home of the Olympic movement at If you want a full, media-rich retrospective of the Games, this is where to come. The galleries in particular are stunning, and even with a day still to go they already had more than 60 high-quality images from London. If you just want to immerse yourself in the visuals, this is where to come.

Enjoy. It's all good.

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