There is a group of people out there who are routinely put into the most ridiculous situations. Day after day they put their reputations and their integrity on the line, often in the face of staggering stupidity.

I am talking about creatives.

There are few relationships as unfathomable as that between the creative and their client.

Get things wrong (which the client will invariably say you have) and it’s back to the drawing board (literally, in many cases) and loads of time and money down the drain. Get it right and the client takes all the credit and just about remembers to mumble something about you in his award acceptance speech.

It’s a tough one, and the stories at seem to illustrate that things are only getting tougher.

These people have our greatest sympathies.

Oh, and if you recognise yourself in any of these stories, it’s probably time to start thinking about a career change. Or maybe, just start keeping your opinions to yourself...?

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