Not every app needs to tick along at 100 miles an hour to keep your attention. Some apps can be so fiendishly addictive that even the slowest moving of games is a must have download.

Machinarium is pretty much that. Addictive, innovative, beautifully designed and available on multiple platforms, this is a game we adored on PC and have enjoyed every moment playing through again on our smartphones and tablets. 

Android (version tested), iPad
iTunes / Google Play

So what exactly is Machinarium? Those who have played games like Monkey Island or Grim Fandango will feel right at home. Essentially a point-and-click adventure, except you use your fingers, the aim is to guide a robot through a series of increasingly tough puzzles.

Initially Machinarium appears rather obvious and the ability to gain one clue to each puzzle should have you walking through the beginning stages. Then it becomes tough, very tough. After this you should be hooked, each puzzling being fiendishly difficult but humiliatingly obvious once you have it figured out.

Special mention should be given to the art style of Machinarium, which is totally awesome. Taking a leaf out of a lot of Steampunk cartoons and Hayao Miyazaki movies, it is certainly pretty to look at. We are yet to test the app on an iPad but are pretty certain things will look great. 

On Android we have to say that the big vistas you need to interact with just don't work when using a smartphone. On a tablet it is a lot easier, but tapping a tiny bit of the screen on a mobile phone is just too difficult. 

For £2.99 this is great value. There are a lot of play hours here, most of it admittedly stuck, but still you won't rush through this app too quickly.

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Hunter Skipworth

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