You may have detected a slight cynicism from the more vocal Londoners regarding the Olympics that start this weekend, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love our city. Particularly this week – with the sun shining there’s not many places that can rival our fair city. The parks, beer gardens and streets are buzzing and the whole place has a carnival feel. London is cool, despite the heat and the pre-Olympic detractors.

If pictorial evidence is needed, take a look at the new London Collection at - it’s creating quite a stir with us city folk (although, admittedly, there’s not a torch or coloured ring in sight).

But here you can get your hands on prints from some of the best new talent on the contemporary art scene, and we love the hand-drawn map of London by Jenni Sparks.

But it’s not all about the Big Smoke (sorry Boris…). There’s work here covering all kinds of different media and subject matter and we reckon this is a good place to pick up some nice things to hang on your walls.

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