It might seem like an odd thing for a film production company to encourage people to rip off copyright-protected material, but that’s exactly what Film4 is doing with Scene Stealers.

It's been making films that tend to stray a little from the mainstream path for 30 years, and that quality output has been possible only because of a dedication to finding the best new talent.

At you have just a week left if you think you have what it takes to make it in the movies.

Choose a scene from one of the listed films and recreate it. You can choose any style and any technique, including animation. But you only have two minutes to get your scene across.

The winner will get their film shown during the Film4 30th anniversary season and will also get a sizeable development grant to help give their film career a kick start.

Not a bad way to break into the film industry, if you’re a bit handy behind a camera.

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