If there’s one good thing to come out of Apple and Samsung’s playground patent spat, it’s that we’ve been given an insight into the design process of both manufacturing giants. Take these early iPad mock-ups for example.

With Apple creative Jonathan Ive dating them somewhere between 2002 and 2004, the images show a design not too dissimilar to what we now know as the iPad, bar a couple of pointers.

First, there’s no home button and the tablet looks considerably thicker than we have grown accustomed to. However, we’ve still got the rounded corners and even in this early mock-up the dock connector is present.

Ive was giving testimony during the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung that involves a patent dispute over tablet designs.

Here in the UK a judge has ordered Apple to publish on its site (and some sections of the press) that Samsung did not copy its designs when it came to the latter’s Galaxy Tab range.

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