NXP Semiconductors has developed micro speakers with the potential to provide five times as much power as those found in current mobile devices.

Current micro speakers, in-built within mobile phones and other mobile music devices, are limited to around 0.5 Watts. Using a  technology similar to that found in hearing aids, NXP Semiconductors' micro speakers can up this to 2.6 Watts.

Should the technology take off, mobile devices will be able to enjoy 6DB more volume and better bass frequencies once they have fully integrated the NXP Semiconductors micro speakers into their build.

The micro speakers adapt to their environment, changing in accordance to temperature - a factor that can alter sound quality.

NXP Semiconductors says the first design featuring their revolutionary micro speakers is all ready to go – expect it to be rolled out later this year - and will see consumers enjoy a “cinematic-quality” audio experience on a mobile device.

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