It probably wouldn’t be a Friday if you didn’t get at least one animated gif sent to you today, would it?

These days, they can take you unawares too. They appear in your Twitter feed, Facebook timeline or inbox unannounced, uninvited.

Whether it’s a dog high-fiving, a car disappearing through a hole in the road, a cat playing a banjo or a crudely cobbled together satirical scene, it’s possible that you’re almost sick to death of the humble graphics interchange format.

But behold, something bordering on wondrous: is a site that uses the form wisely, almost poignantly, you might say.

These animated gifs are scenes from iconic movies that are subtly brought to life, accompanied by a quote from the same film.

They’re actually a treat to browse through and we reckon this may be a collection that some people might not mind you drawing your next animated email attachment from.

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