Apart from the use of the word “retrolicious” there’s really not much we don’t love about thegobstopper.co.uk.

If you’re of a certain age, as a child you probably left the house on your bike at first light and didn’t get home until long after dark – usually covered in cuts and grazes that were treated by nothing more that a bit of Mum’s spit on a hankie.

You probably travelled on a bus when the fare was 5p. You probably wore short trousers until at least October. You probably drank quarter-pint bottles of warm, curdled milk through a stripey straw at junior school. You probably saw Star Wars (the first time round) at the cinema as part of a double bill.

You might even remember Noel Edmonds with some innocent fondness. OK, maybe not…

But, we bet you remember black jacks. aniseed balls, jazzies, mint imperials, kola cubes and cherry lips, don’t you?

These glorious treats of yesteryear no longer need to be the stuff of nostalgia though, so get to the click ‘n’ mix section (see what they did there?) and stock up.

We may not have the weather of the summer of 1976, but we can certainly have the sweets.

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