If you’ve ever wondered how a billionaire entrepreneur stays in shape, we may have stumbled upon the answer.

It’s not the access to the finest food and wine, not the first-class travel, or the luxury spa treatments, or even the knowledge that you’ve taken on some of the biggest challenges in some of the toughest industries in the world. And won.

No, for Sir Richard Branson, the trick to staying in shape and hanging on to that joie de vivre is to pick up an attractive young women at every conceivable opportunity.

And when we say, “pick up”, we mean actually pick up.

In isolation, any of the pictures you‘ll see at richardbransonpickingupwomen.tumblr.com might’ve gone unnoticed, but once they’re gathered together you can start to see the bearded one’s secret regime in all it’s (occasionally Lycra-clad) glory.

Of course, what it is that makes these young, attractive women allow themselves to be man-handled by the famously suave multi-billionaire, is anybody’s guess…

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