We’ll bob our heads to the latest popular beat combos like the best of them, but we’re not big fans of Lady Gaga. Although, to be brutally honest, we do kind of admire her.

She’s turned the entertainment and social media industries on their heads in a very short space of time and she’s practically reinvented the wheel when it comes to being a proper pop star. It would seem she’s now become too big for the likes of Facebook and Twitter because at littlemonsters.com she now has her own social network to play with. And at first glance, it’s actually pretty good.

It mixes some of the most-used features of the other big players and brings them all together in a nice neat interface.

And if you think it’s all about her we reckon you might be wrong. The platform is built by Backplane – a company in which  "Mother Monster" just happens to have a large investment.

This is the fan-to-fan model that you might see many others adopting very soon.

It ain’t just about the music any more.

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