If you’re the sort of person who looks long and hard at the pictures of a hotel before you consider a booking, coolplaces.co.uk, is somewhere we think you’ll like.

You’ve probably booked places in the past, based on location, price, or even just availability, and then have been sorely disappointed once you get there, right?

Here, somebody’s done all the checking for you, so you can rest assured that anywhere listed meets certain standards.

The hotels will all have the right ambience. The bars won’t be full of oiks and layabouts. The shops will sell the kinds of things you want to buy.

In essence, this site takes the window shopping out of the equation and gives you just the recommendations that you need.

You can, of course, suggest your own cool places, because what Cool Sites wants to do is keep on top of the zeitgeist and keep sending people to the right places to see and be seen.

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