Ah, an English summer…

It is easily the freakiest weather many of us can remember. One minute you’re basking in crisp, bright sunshine, the next you’re drenched to the core.

Getting dressed in the morning is like preparing for a military operation – do you take protective layers? A sunhat? Sunglasses? An umbrella? All of them?

It’s bonkers, and there’s one activity that I would usually have enjoyed at least a couple of times by now – a good old fashioned game of golf.

But I’m fair weather golfer, so  wgt.com is proving the only way I can keep my swing in shape. Sort of.

It’s a free online golf game that puts some console versions in the shade.

Sign up is easy and you’ll soon be hacking your way round some of the world’s top courses (if you’re anything like me, that is). I'm getting to know St Andrews rather well. Especially the bunkers.

There’s a social side to this, as you’d expect, so you and your golf buddies can still enjoy a round or two without getting soaked.

Haven’t managed to find the virtual 19th hole yet, but I’m still looking…

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