There is still one thing that we have in Britain that is the envy of the civilised world: the National Health Service.

Despite its foibles and occasional failings (not that surprising when you consider the decades of mismanagement and underfunding) the NHS will still treat you to the best medical care possible, no matter who you are and no matter what you’ve done.

Without prejudice and without judgement and no matter where you're from, you can get emergency medical attention for free.

The NHS is awesome.

We’re telling you to take a look at, not just to marvel at what this online portal for NHS can offer, but to bookmark it, just in case you’re heading to these shores for the Olympics.

We hope you come and enjoy the Games without incident. But if you do fall ill, this is a useful place to find all the information you need on getting the right help. (You’ll need insurance for other stuff, but using this site, calling the NHS Direct helpline or walking into an A&E department won’t cost you a bean).

We’re proud of our NHS, and rightly so.

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