The problem with having a presence online, is that it tends to attract attention. Not the attention of people like your good selves, obviously. No, not the attention of discerning, erudite, intelligent and, dare we say, handsome readers.

No. What you also tend to attract is people hawking all kinds of tat and nonsense offering “golden opportunities” and “unrivalled expert assistance”. This isn’t your bog-standard email spam either. This tends to be from companies trying sell you iffy search engine optimisation or products that nobody in their right mind (or even anybody in a wrong one) would ever be interested in.

If you’re a blogger with any modicum of exposure or success, you’ll probably recognise this phenomenon.

Filtering the stuff you might be interested in from the utter dross can be a full-time job.

Aiming to do something about it, and to reclaim and improve the blogger/marketer relationship is, which goes into full beta launch later this month.

If you’re a blogger and you want to get involved, now’s the time to sign up.

One to watch, definitely.

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